Bundled Notes 2.1: free recurring reminders, reminders UI overhaul, Pro storage boost + more.

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2 min readMay 16, 2022


When discussing the Bundled pricing model on social media, I’ve often cited a belief that static, offline functionality shouldn’t sit behind a subscription payment. In total, Bundled Notes doesn’t qualify for this rule: costs for database, syncing, hosting and file storage all make a subscription model necessary for long term viability. However, there was one feature that contradicted this principle: recurring reminders worked entirely offline, and restrictions were in place to encourage Pro uptake.

This is being rectified in today’s update: all reminder features, including, a new creation and overview UI, weekly recurring options, and bug fixes, will be 100% free for all Android users. Stay tuned for daily, yearly and custom interval reminders soon.

There’s also good news for Pro users : individual file upload limits have doubled from 200MB to 400MB, and total account storage limit has increased from 10GB to 15GB. Attachment functionality improves alongside this, with a new fullscreen image viewer.

And, as always, there are plenty of small fixes — you’ll notice more attention paid to the FAB design and Material You theming, as well as general animation and performance fixes. Notably, though invisible, the update includes significant under-the-hood refactors to enable the new reminders functionality and anticipated, much-requested features. These partly explain the delay in getting this build out the door.

I hope you enjoy the update, and please make sure to send any bugs through to support@bundlednotes.com!

Pending the odd bug fix, I’ll be pivoting my attention to a few broad features and goals for the next few months. In rough order of priority, these are:

  • iOS/iPadOS alpha launch
  • Web admin features (in particular, email changing)
  • Cross-platform client-side encryption for E2EE support
  • Attachment functionality (e.g. multi-image & file uploading for Android & Web, better downloading/opening/share options)

Because I am one person and because Bundled isn’t my full-time job, it is very difficult for me to give accurate ETAs — in fact, I am quite bad at it! In the last few months, I’ve been more careful not to predict the timeline of a feature’s availability when it is still at least months away. So the above list doesn’t necessarily reflect the order in which each will be released, but just means that in any given week I will be working on some blend of each.

Make sure to keep an eye on the @bundlednotes Twitter account for more regular snippets as things get closer to being released!

On that note, I’ve started writing a little article about my way of working, organising, planned communication improvements, and some thoughts on the long long term of the project. Stay tuned!

Xavier :)

Originally published at https://bundlednotes.medium.com on May 16, 2022.



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